Saturday, 12 February 2011

I sense you - Faruque Ghanchi

Obvious tremble
gripped my very fingers
that were helped to trace letters – numbers.
My attempts of stabilising
spoonful of Holy water
fills up  
dry eyes with drizzle
Lost sparkle.
I seek to reach-
the hand that held mine
stabilising my wavering steps
rock solid.
My efforts
to peel  those  footsteps
one by one
culminate in piled up pathos.
Sombre void
that stretches from
your being around
absolute absence
erodes my existence.

How do I revere?

Merely I stand, shocked and still
there’s  trembling within
A pang of  penetrating loss
wanders in heart!

… Your presence in flight of a white dove
light as crystalline drops floating from skies above
And the emergent empyrean scent
sketches that loving face and smiles silent
I sense you, on lonely days
With us… as always.

Translated from original Gujarati Poem


  1. Very good. Like a virgin- original in English

    Pancham Shukla to me 12/2/11 13:09

  2. A translation faithful to the original in spirit.It conveys the spirit so touchingly.The pathos is almost palpabl;e.
    Congratulations for the art which is so expressive.

    Dawoodbhai ghanchi to me
    12/2/11 14:59

  3. I sense you too, bro.