Sunday, 8 November 2009

A snowy day- 'બાબુલ’

A handful of warm glistening snow
Picked up without consent, only to throw
Stale faint sun, pulled over a cloud
Mere shadow – almost the Christ’s shroud
At the end of the frozen fence
An open gate- the last defence
No more sheep, just emptied white field
A blank canvas for artists’ guild
On a distant slope, giggles slide
Skidding laughter had no where to hide
Seeking you, feeling you soft as the snow
Wish – some day affection would grow
The meadows would sing as springs flow
Melting hearts and a hundred suns to glow.

Faruque Ghanchi


  1. Nice poem depicting beauty of snow.

  2. મૂઠીભર હૂંફાળો ચળકતો બરફ ઉપાડ્યો
    ન પૂછ્યું !
    અમસ્તો કર્યો ઘા

    એ વાસી અને સાવ ઝાંખા સૂરજનો
    વાદળામાં વીંટાઈ રહ્યો

    માત્ર પડછાયો

    ઈસુનું ક્ફન!